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Philip Sanko dice:

No prob Tim. Glad you stopped by!

Philip Sanko dice:

Glad you liked it Eryn. Thanks for watching.

Philip Sanko dice:

Thanks for stopping by Nicole!

Philip Sanko dice:

Glad it helped out Ian!

Ian Knabel dice:

One of the most informative videos I watched in a long time! Thanks Phil

Nicole Brydson dice:

Long time Phil! Wonderful Information 🙂


Great stuff, thanks for sharing.

Eryn Hubbard dice:

What a great video on local marketing and SEOthe 5 pillars of success for any business. Love it thanks Philip.

Philip Sanko dice:

No problem Roy. Thanks for visiting my channel!

Roy Johnston dice:

Man this is some awesome info. Thank you Philip!

Philip Sanko dice:

No problem 🙂

Philip Sanko dice:

Got it. Will call you soon!

Philip Sanko dice:

Thanks for stopping by!

SuperJosephine2012 dice:


MichaelBurtonful dice:

Phil, just called and left a message. I’m looking to revamp my Denver SEO campaign soon.

TostiKaasHam dice:

Thanks Phil, love the value you’re giving!

Glenn McBride dice:

Another great video! Just shared it to FB.

Philip Sanko dice:

You’re welcome Jeff. Thanks for checking out the vid.

Philip Sanko dice:

No problem Michael. It’s crazy how some companies charge you the wazoo just to simply GIVE YOU THE INFORMATION! I’m here to help 🙂

Michael Rolle dice:

I love the info you gave in this video Phil. I’m pretty sure I paid another company like $2,000 just for the information that you gave away for FREE in this single video. I’ll be emailing you soon.

Jeff Weathers dice:

Thank you Mr. Sanko!

Smith Major dice:

So how long would it take to get my landscaping business ranked on Google?

Philip Sanko dice:

Haha funny you askLots and lots of trial and error, and just networking with the right people. Glad you found it helpful!

RebeccaGetchell dice:

LoL where did you learn all this stuff? Thanks for the information.

Philip Sanko dice:

Los 5 pillars I went over really do work for any business model, but some tweaks would need to be made if you do not have an actual physical address/storefront for your business. I’ll private message you and tell you more.

kungfu1282 dice:

Does this work for ANY business type? Would like to ask you a few questions

Philip Sanko dice:

Absolutely Virginia. We’ll be in touch soon 🙂 PM me.

Virginia Smith dice:

Interesting. I’m currently paying somebody $4,000+ monthly and I’m pretty sure they didn’t set up thefoundationyou talk about. We might have to talk soon.

Philip Sanko dice:

Well, I don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions, so I’d have to take take a deeper look at your biz. Send me a private message and let’s talk.

20112346 dice:

Cool video Phil. Can you give me an idea of how much your services cost?

Philip Sanko dice:

Absolutely, would love to take a look at your business’s online presence. Thanks for stopping by!

Frederick Hamilton dice:

Wow, thanks for the information Phil! I’ll be giving you a call sometime this week if that’s cool.

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