Learn How To Optimize Your Website

Learn How To Optimize Your Website

Internet marketing will be what determines the amount of traffic and if you are able to earn money online. Search engine optimization has two different factors. The first is on site optimization and this is done during the creation of your presence. When you optimize your website correctly it will cut down on the need for external marketing. One important thing to understand is even with quality on site optimization building links and working with others within your niche will be necessary. comercialización del Internet is two sided you need external marketing and internal marketing. Another important concept when trying to have a successful presence is the content. If your content is of poor quality then all the marketing in the world will not bring you a dime. Website content will be what keeps people coming back to your website and will be the reason people share your site with their friends. The number one rule of search engine optimization is always put your audience first. This means if placing keywords will detract from your websites look, readability, or usability then leave the keyword out.

The first step when creating a presence is knowing exactly what keywords you would like to rank well for. In the beginning I highly recommend picking keywords with moderate to low competition levels. This means for your first keywords you should pick those with less than fifty thousand monthly searches. If you go after the giants within your niche then you will probably get discouraged quickly because the lack of progress. To find the monthly traffic for any given term head over to adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal. This tool will tell you the traffic for any term you input plus show you the traffic for 99 related terms. For those wanting to know what keywords to go after this really is the only resource online that has an accurate depiction of keyword traffic. This tool will only show the keyword traffic for Google, but usually if a keyword is highly searched in Google then it will be highly searched in the other major search engines.

Next will be keyword implementation which is adding the keywords to your website. As you add keywords to your website it is also a good idea to focus on internal link structure. Place your main keyword within your URL, title, description, headings, and within the first couple paragraphs of content. This will tell Google to index your website for these keywords. Next when creating navigation make sure you use the keywords you want the pages being linked to. Do not use words such as home within your navigation since your website is not about home. Use the website title and do this also for your sub pages placing the keywords you would like to be ranked well for. When you add sub pages follow a link hierarchy which means make sure all your new pages link to the important pages on your website. Always link to the main page (which is usually done in navigation) and the major sub pages of your website. It is ok to throw links to other sub pages in an attempt to help them within the search engines.

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