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Local Web Design and SEO http://localwebdesignandseo.com/ and Video Production by: http://30secondvideomarketing.com/ Local Web Design and SEOIf you are n



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Of coursefeel free to contact me and I can give recommendations.

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Hi Jonathanyes, a lot has happened to Google search since this video was madesince panda & penguin, I’m now focused a lot more on video marketing.

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Do you know any trusted local SEO providers?

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Well done thanks.

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Search engine optimization might be the fiend. just just in case you treat Google based and offer top quality thrilled for them to have the ability to change and offer it for clients - then everyone is content. Youtube joining Google brings you numerous of site site visitors for the door that’s certainly

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My recent experience has been seeing a drop in rankings of my authoritative sites that I have knowledge in and value to offer. But for my little niche sites that I know nothing about I’m seeing consistant and even higehr rankings. Google is not doing well lately.

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Good Video, with a great knowledge

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Great information.

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Not hear of it JackI use Market Samurai for KW research

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I’ve heard Keyword Scout is good, has anyone tried it?

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Nice video. Informative on the topic of SEO

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Great info for Local SEO, thanks for taking the time to put together and post!

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ThanksI’ll try to put together some new video material soon…..

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The basic principles of this video are still true. However user interaction has more impact and Social engagement is also now more important

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I appreciate that Thanks!

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Glad you found this informative. Not completely sure when you asking about the ‘medium’ – to be honest this video was produced before Panda / Pingüino. My own techniques have evolved as a resultalthough the essential information still hold true. Social engagement is now more important and general User interaction has more impact. 

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Thanks for the kind feedback

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Wow this is very good video presenting very valuable & use full information.I LOVE TO SEE YOUR Videos REPEATEDLY BECAUSE THEY ARE UNIQUE.

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In the past two years search engine optimization became the backbone of the online market,and after watching this video i really feels that your ideas can surely make that backbone more strong, thank for the great ideas

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Agreed, very nice video.

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Hello, what entire upload an video. This video was very interesting. I really appreciate this video.I m sure to be very useful for me to investing.Thank your valuable information.

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Hello Friend, Great videos. The biggest benefit of seo marketing is that you can earn money in the form of revenue without investment.

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Wow, a great video and this one shows how to do our own optimization. I’m very thankful to almighty and the one who created this video. Thanks a lot and this one has made me aware of SEO Optimization procedure.

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Wow this is very good video looking nice & attractive. I LOVE TO READ WATCH YOUR VIDEOS. It is very informative for those users who want to know about SEO Optimization. I personally recommend this site and video to all my friends and co-workers as well.

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Great info herethanks so much!

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A very informative video that inspired to make my 1st youtube clipGREAT ADVICE! Thank you!

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Informative & complete, very nice.
It’s nice to hear someone just tell it like it is. What would you suggest is the best medium to offer this service to local clients?

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Hey I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed watching your video. You have good views, Keep up the good informative info.Good Quality and very informative video.

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it is a local design and local search optimization.

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This is a good videoa lot of content summarized rather well. Thanks for posting, looking forward to watching your future videos. There is a lot of average stuff out there on YouTube, but I think this is great material. How long have you been creating videos? I just started and am trying to pick up ideas from other users with content rich channels (like yours). Any tips?

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Sometimes being simple makes all the difference. I really get it.

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Just what I was looking for today. Boy, did I need to see this. More please.

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Great tips hereanyone interested in SEO should have a look at the ‘tongue in cheeklook at the industry, the SEO PIMP videofantastic

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hey man,

Just check out your local SEO tutorials.

some great tips here.

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Great video contentJust what I was looking for! Regards from West Palm Beach, Florida

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Great stuff, thanks.

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Seo is best solution for website ranking & this video show that.Its very useful.
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HiI just checked out your new Channelgood luck!

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ThanX Sneakerouterspace!

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