Use Video Marketing for SEO (Posicionamiento en buscadores)

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John Stahl dice:

Excellent Joe!

Bob Raymonda dice:

I think video marketing is gravy

Matt Yasgar dice:


Mariel Frank dice:

I want to see you rap, Joe!

Mariel Frank dice:

This video is so meta!

Dave Letts dice:

I would love to see you do a musical

Megan Fix dice:

Using video for SEO is a great idea. Not enough people are doing it, so there’s less competition for keywords!

Tyler Sorensen dice:

What’s the song at 0:31?

Matt Sieracki dice:

Wasn’t aware of the video sitemap, great tip! YouTube has analytics, I’d love to learn more about how to exploit that functionality.

Andrew Cohen dice:

It’s like watching a video, within a video, within another video!

JoshAUMarketing dice:


Matt Yasgar dice:

I wish my videos could be as awesome as Growtime!

Daniel Toy dice:

I love how meta this episode is! Joe-ception.

Myles Soverel dice:


Spencer Shimko dice:

Lovin’ the musical introgreat stuff. Keep it coming!

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