What Is SEO

What Is SEO

Every webmaster I have ever met always wants more free website traffic, but few know how to increase the amount of traffic they are getting. In the internet business world the successful are those who know search engine optimization and how to implement it correctly. The majority of webmasters and bloggers that attempt usually end up treading over the black hat line which will usually end up with them and their presence becoming banned from the major search engines. To optimize your website correctly it is important to understand what search engines do and why they are around.

Over the past few years 99% of traffic is search engine related meaning search engines pretty much rule the web. With this power Google and the other major search engines are seen by the web as super villains that need to be beat rather than regular old websites with their purpose. A search engine is a website that has programs that crawl and index the web. Their audience are those who need something from the web including products, information, or interaction. These search engines have the ability to read a websites content and understanding it to a point.

Now that you understand the purpose of search engines and why they will even bother with your website it is a good idea to learn the first rule of SEO. The absolute most important thing to understand about search engine optimization is it should never hurt the value of your website. A websites value is determined by how much it helps the visitor and how much the visitor enjoys the website. This means if you have the option to place a keyword on your website that you would like to rank well for by all means go ahead as long as you don’t sacrifice your websites value.

Keywords are key when you want to optimize a website or blog. Keywords are words that people type into Google or the other major search engines. Some keywords are used more than others and the keywords that are used the most will have the largest competition. One of the most used keywords is “free website traffic” so if you decide to create a website about making money online you should be prepared for extreme competition. If you are in a niche with a huge amount of competition then to reach the top you will need the highest quality website with the most authority backlinks.

Backlinks are the final step of SEO and are what the majority of webmasters usually spend their time creating. When I am trying to rank well for a major term it is usually easiest if you have content that is going along with the link building. Such websites as major article directories and the major social bookmarking websites will allow you to submit your content and in return you will gain quality one way backlinks and traffic.

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