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JoshAUMarketing says:

How can I tell the difference between confidence and lies?

Andrew Cohen says:

How much time should I spend with internet marketing for my company?

Mariel Frank says:

How much of a budget should I allot for marketing?

Jamilya Ramos-Chapman says:

loving the new look guys. that GT-TV bush..? suh-weeeet!

Michael Suarez says:

Please let us know!

Michael Andronico says:

Great video. Great stuff.

Tyler Sorensen says:

Where can I download your desktop wallpaper?

Dave Letts says:

What are reasonable results to expect? How do I know if the company is over-promising?

Matt Yasgar says:

Liking the new glasses!

Bob Raymonda says:

If I spend a dollar I usually get some sort of canned beverage or candy bar in return.

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