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RENO111222 says:

You are correct. Howerver, I only say this to keep new webmasters from wasting time with keywords and descriptions. My goal is to have webmasters accomplish two things.

1) Write good content.
2) Link to others.

The reason behind my theory,

New webmasters should focus on content and not keywords within meta descriptions.

P.S Text-link-ads is affordable for small business owners and web designers starting out with a new business.

Google Adwords is good for visibility.

spunditmarketing says:

Sorry to do this again butt…

Meta Description is not about spamming! A good Description will increase click through and thus increase position. Not directly via SEO yet don’t let any opportunity pass. Holding the keyword input by the user within the description, will be held in bold, again grabbing the users eye.

You need to consider everything.

P.S Text-link-ads NO NO and NO!!!!

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